Opening Day

West 4 first dove hunt

Dove hunting on opening day is a southern tradition, that signals the end of Summer and the approach of Fall. Every September men and boys of all ages gather along the outside edges of freshly cut corn and millet fields for this time honored tradition. West 4 and I did not plan on hunting, but our neighbor had just recently cut the millet field and the temptation was to much. So, we grabbed my shotgun and waited patiently under the shade of a large maple tree. Or at least daddy was patient. West 4 was full of excitement and could not resist pointing out every incoming bird. Before long we had a handful of birds to take home. He picked up every spent shotgun shell to take home as well, I do not know what it is about playing with a used shotshell casing, but I can remember the same fascination when I was his age. It was a time I will always remember.

W.P. Hunter